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Free Online Business Model, Traffic and Advertising Planning Tool, Plus 5-Part Online Business Growth Video Mini-Course

These professional-grade tools and strategies based on real-world experience in profitable online businesses will enable you to set your revenue goals, then calculate how much traffic you'll need, how much it will cost to advertise and how profitable your business will actually be.

Every online business manager needs to set revenue goals, then come up with plans for achieving those goals.

For an online business, one can calculate how many sales must be made at a given price to achieve that revenue goal. Where it becomes complicated is taking first-time visitor conversion rates, then factoring in how many sales can be expected from your existing list assets that grow as your traffic does. And when you need to invest in advertising programs, what's the right ad budget and traffic levels required to achieve your goals?

The online business "game planner" spreadsheet was originally developed to assist us with our own online business, traffic and advertising planning. Once we realized how useful this tool actually is, we decided that everyone should have access to this kind of tool - so we made it free. It takes the guesswork out of setting an achievable, profitable plan.

Then, we went a step further and created a 5-part video-based mini-course that shows you:

  • How to use the planning spreadsheet tool
  • How to ensure your "selling machine" is optimized for converting sales and building your list
  • Several dozen sources of traffic needed to achieve your revenue goals, including one or two you probably haven't ever thought of (that we developed and have been quietly using in our businesses for years)

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Use these free planning tools, save time and ensure your online business, traffic and advertising plan is realistic and achievable.