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Read this only if you are still undecided about ordering the “Online Leadership Guide.”

A Special Message from Rick Braddy

Rick Braddy

From: Rick Braddy
Houston, TX
Friday, 7:47 am

Why Are You Not Ordering? Frankly, I'm Puzzled...

Dear Friend,

As usual, I will get right to the point:

I know that “Online Leadership Guide” is one of the surest, safest and potentially wisest investments you can make to increase your market reach and drive more business for your company.

Maybe you think the Guide is just another eBook full of lightweight business platitudes.

I assure you, “Online Leadership Guide” is not another “re-hash” of Search Engine Marketing, blogs or social media—rather, it contains professional-grade strategies and techniques you can use now.

You can take advantage of this easy-to-consume, “off-the-shelf” solution, to:

  • Set and achieve goals for your on-line business
  • Generate more hot leads for sales
  • Convert more prospects into customers/revenue
  • Acquire new customers/sell more to existing customers
  • Maximize the profitability of your on-line business, and
  • Increase its competitive advantage

Take advantage of everything I have learned in both the corporate and Internet marketing worlds. What do you have to lose? (it comes with an unconditional money-back satisfaction guarantee)

Maybe you think the Guide may be too difficult or time-consuming to assimilate and use...

I want to point out that the Guide is written in plain language and annotated with supporting illustrations and diagrams, making it very easy to understand and use.

And it's even available in an audio book version, so it's convenient you to access on the go (on your iPod™, iPhone™, CDROM or MP3 player).

Could it be the price? I am sure you will find the “Online Leadership Guide” to be worth every penny - and then some. And at $19.95 and a money-back satisfaction guarantee, how can you go wrong?

By the time you finish studying the “Online Leadership Guide” and the strategies and game plans inside, you’ll be ready to:

  • Set your online business financial goals for the next 12 to 18 months and actually achieve them (can you do that today?)
  • Turn those financial goals into a series of achievable execution metrics and put an achievable plan into place (how about this?)
  • Identify your biggest risk items and how to mitigate them
  • Create strategic plans for your team, gain their respect as someone" who knows a lot about online marketing and selling
  • Equip your team to hit the ground running fast and execute smoothly
  • Lead your team through the inevitable bumps in the road to success
  • Progress through various stages of online business development and growth smoothly, so you always get the best ROI possible
  • Lead your team in putting an effective, profitable online selling machine in place
  • Create a balanced traffic strategy that’s right for growing your business
  • Plan your next stages of growth.

Now you can benefit from my experience and investments in learning the hard way (because I want you avoid spending another minute going through the school of hard knocks - like I did).

Boy, I wish someone could've handed all this to ME on a silver platter...

And don’t forget, there’s the Unqualified 60-Day Money-back Guarantee!

Don’t waste another dollar experimenting and hoping for the best.

You don't have to accept another day of the status quo at your company - you can change things for the better, by taking action now.

It's time for you to take control of your own destiny - and lead the way.

Order the “Online Leadership Guide” for executives now, and let’s get after it, and let’s get after it.

Read - Listen - Win

Available in 2 convenient formats

  • Online Leadership Guide


    Downoadable Guide

    Download and read immediately or print your own hardcopy

  • $97

    Downoadable Guide + Audio books in MP3 format

    Download and install on your iPod ™ or iPhone ™, MP3 player or burn to CD-ROM and take it with you

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