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Email Marketing

Want to increase your email response rates and boost conversions?

Take advantage of our professional-grade and affordable DIY email marketing products and packaged solutions to increase opens, click-throughs, opt-ins and conversions - and drive more leads into sales.

Our online email marketing solutions employ proven email marketing best-practices and contain complete strategies, tactics, advice and task-specific content outlines to construct and conduct email campaign sequences to drive sales from your customer and prospect list assets.

You have two types of email campaign solutions to choose from:

  • Professional Services - we engage to help you plan, organize and execute your launch, outsourcing launch tasks we handle for you.

We also offer The Precision Marketing System™, a product for creating story-based email campaigns
you can use to repurpose your existing testimonials and case studies into powerful email marketing campaigns that drive leads into sales.

Download our FREE Launch Leverage Report to learn more about how these online email campaign sequences are applied to drive sales from your prospect and customer list assets.


  Get email marketing advice,
how-tos, plus free tools to
make your life easier

DIY Email Marketing Campaigns:

4-Day Discount Offer Campaign

7-14 Day Holiday/Special Offer Campaign

Success Story Email Marketing Campaigns


Email Campaign ROI Calculator

Breakthrough Story-based Marketing Campaigns

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