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Company Overview is a division of ConXentric, Inc., a professional Internet marketing company.

The WinningWare™ brand products and solutions provide businesses with professional-grade tools and services for their product launch and online marketing needs.

Founded 2007.

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Early Customer Quotes

"After reviewing the QuickLaunch product in its entirety, I must say it is nothing less than a masterpiece. Rick and his team have truly distilled the steps required to build a successful B2C or B2B launch. For those who are serious about ensuring the success of their launch, QuickLaunch is the real deal - that will take you through the work step-by-step - and result in building an enthusiastic, even fanatical customer base."
Calvin Froedge

"QuickLaunch is like having a launch command center where you point, click and execute. I love how QuickLaunch keeps me organized because keeping track of all those details is very difficult for me. I felt relief immediately because all the structure and hard thinking was done for me. I could concentrate on my services and what I know, not attempt to train myself on product launch minutia."
Scott Lambert
Creative Real Estate Services
Calgary, AB. Canada


Scott Lambert had been through multiple launch training courses, yet found himself struggling to organize and execute everything involved in launching his new business model and business right. Then he ran across my blog and found what he calls "the missing link" in doing launches.  Read the full story...

Listen to the full-length, unedited interview with Scott Lambert here (MP3).

Press to listen
Press to Listen
(Unedited Full-length Interview, 19:15 mins)

Management Team

Rick Braddy (Founder, President and CEO):


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Jeff Sulma (SVP Marketing):

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News Releases:

WinningWare™ unveils WinningWare QuickLaunch™, new product launch automation software for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professional marketers.

The WinningWare QuickLaunch™ Product

The Product

WinningWare QuickLaunch™ is a software as as service (SaaS) product which enables a marketer to construct and manage a professional-grade product launch, faster and easier through software automation. It is for professional marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is affordably priced so that any business can afford to plan, organize and execute their launches right.

The product can be used to launch or re-launch a product, service, website, membership site, subscription, company or anything else which is marketed and sold to businesses or consumers.

Key Benefits

Get started quickly.

Easy to use Launch Wizard™ gets you set up and going fast. If you can answer a survey, you can use the product - it's that easy.

Stay organized and in control.

Launch Guide™ leads you through all launch tasks, with detailed step-by-step instructions.
Launch Control Center™ puts your entire launch at your fingertips.

Perform complicated tasks faster and easier.

Launch Content Generator™ helps you create custom launch content such as email sequences, landing pages, sales pages, press releases, and more.
Launch Plan Generator™ uses a simple "Q and A" process to generate your launch plan, including revenue and traffic goals and a launch schedule.

Know what to do, why, and when to do it.

Step-by-step instructions, plus examples of best practices for important launch items, such as: social networking incorporation, launch blog strategy, launch list development, canvassing, pre-launch and launch sequence content development, and much more!

Work from anywhere.

Log-in from any Internet-capable PC to manage or review your launch process, or to generate content.

No software hassles.

No software to install. Never have to upgrade. Your active subscription means you will always be using the latest version of the product.

Safe and secure.

Keep your information private and control access to it with our secure login environment and SSL encrypted access.

Major Features

Launch Wizard™
Structure and automate your launch plan and launch content.

Define your launch project using simple step-by-step, easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. The process typically takes no more than 20 to 30 minutes for you to define your launch project, launch date, objectives, marketing messaging and offers.

Launch Plan Generator™
Generate a launch plan and schedule automatically.

Obtain the info you need regarding strategies and specific tasks areas that must be addressed to achieve your stated revenue goals and strategic objectives for your launch. Set your launch revenue goals and launch parameters. Then the software generates a custom launch plan, including traffic levels, launch list size and other execution objectives that enable you to execute properly to actually reach your sales targets.

Launch Content Generator™
Create custom launch content and marketing collaterals.

Automatically generate landing page, sales page, launch press release and other useful marketing collateral based on your responses entered into the Launch Wizard, saving you hard work and precious time.  Includes examples and instructions, too.

Launch Guide™
Reference and execute detailed, step-by-step launch execution instructions

Know what to do, when, and why in critical launch task areas from planning to post launch, including pre-launch and launch email sequences, social media incorporation, blogging strategies and much more.

Launch Control Center™
Stay organized and in control with your launch info at your fingertips.

Select an icon from the dashboard to immediately access important information and elements of your launch, such as plans, schedules, landing page, sales page, email sequences, social media and more. Easily access project information and editing tools; access tools and detailed, step-by-step instructions and tips for best practices.


WinningWare QuickLaunch is offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription.

  • 1-Year Subscription for $299 USD
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

That’s all there is to it. Access to the entire product is provided - all of it - 24 hours per day.

Why WinningWare QuickLaunch™?

Picks up where launch training leaves off

Launch training is great for helping marketers understand what lauches are, why launches are important, how and why they work so well to produce excellent results, along with learning about key concepts, strategies and techniques; however, when the training course is over, a marketer is then faced with a daunting set of challenges ahead - organizing the launch, creating a schedule, developing all kinds of content and then putting a detailed launch plan together.

WinningWare QuickLaunch picks up where launch training leaves off... organizing the launch and marketing messaging, creating a launch schedule and accompanying content. Instead of just teaching you about launches, the software automates launching for you.

Those of you with launch training and launch experience will appreciate having your launch planned and organized more efficiently, draft content created, and a set of step-by-step instructions to follow, so they can concentrate on more critical aspects of your launch instead.

And for those without launch training, the software makes it so you don't have to become launch "gurus" or experts; instead, you can just follow the proven, step-by-step launch instructions and perform each of the launch tasks. With WinningWare QuickLaunch at your side, it's like having a launch professional right there with you, each step of the way.

Training is expensive and time-consuming. And when the training course is over, the launch work must still be done by someone. WinningWare QuickLaunch automates the launch work as much as possible, making it easier and faster to get launch tasks completed, in a fraction of the time required to plan and execute a launch manually.

No training is required to use WinningWare QuickLaunch. Everything is self-contained and explained in simple terms, and with step-by-step implementation instructions.

Gain control of your launch

WinningWare QuickLaunch enables marketers, business people and entrepreneurs with little to no marketing experience to "do-it-yourself," since much of the planning and content that would normally be generated by marketing professionals has been done for the user.

For users who can't afford consultants or don't want to turn control of the launch over to someone else, WinningWare QuickLaunch is the best (and perhaps only) choice available.

Better than launch checklists

Launch checklists provide a list of reminders about what needs to be done during a launch, but do not help at all with what's needed most - a proven set of step-by-step instructions that are known to produce top-notch sales results and market awareness.

Much easier than dealing with a pile of launch templates

Launch templates are document outlines that must be manually filled out to create a launch plan. WinningWare QuickLaunch contains a complete set of launch templates - the difference is, the software populates the templates for you and "generates" launch plans and draft content that's ready for final review and completion, so you can get going quickly with minimal effort.

More Product Details

Get Paid to Promote WinningWare QuickLaunch™

We are seeking Affiliate Partners to join us in promoting the product by offering it to their subscribers and customers  WinningWare QuickLaunch represents not only a highly-profitable, unique money-making opportunity, but an opportunity to deliver significant value to existing customers, subscribers and website visitors, monetizing existing traffic with a high-value product offering.

This affiliate program is one of the most high-value opportunities available to affiliates. It pays a 40% commission per sale.

Referral Program. There’s an additional “2nd-tier” commission program that pays 10% of all sales made by affiliates refered to the program (including your customers who later become affiliates).

Affiliate Opportunity Details

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