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"Jeff and Rick are extremely knowledgeable and professional marketing and Internet consultants who work efficiently to understand the client’s requirements and then quickly deliver a focused solution."

Mickey Henry, President/CEO

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Achieve Better Sales and
Lead Generation Results

Need help launching a campaign, product or website?
Need a particular marketing communications solution?

We can help. Through our professional service solutions.

Increase sales and create revenue momentum for your business – take advantage of our proven processes to generate more quality leads and convert them into buyers. Find out more about the types of services we offer to fit your needs – whether they be limited and task-specific, or more comprehensive in scope.

Use our proven strategies for breaking through marketplace noise and clutter to reach prospects more reliably. You’ll benefit from methods that cause prospects to pay closer attention, engage and then take action on your campaigns, which can result in more leads and sales for your business.

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About Our Services

Professionally-managed Launches

There is always a lot riding on a launch, no matter your company’s size.

And we can’t over-emphasize how important it is to apply the right business practices and techniques to boost sales results and market penetration.

However, the amount of effort to plan and execute a launch can be overwhelming – especially for today’s over-extended marketer.

That’s why we’re here: we can pitch in to help you launch your product, website and business more effectively, as well as optimize your ongoing online sales and lead-generation processes.

We can help

  • Create a launch strategy and plan that's custom-tailored to your exact needs
  • Strategies for breaking through marketplace noise and clutter
  • Unique methods that cause prospects to pay attention and engage
  • Refine your offers to attract more buyers to your launch and increase your sales results
  • Incorporate social media campaigns into your launch, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Develop email pre-launch sequences that build a focused community of buyers around your launch
  • Develop pre-sales and sales website content designed to maximize sales traction on launch day
  • Manage your launch so you can focus on running your business and developing your product

We are available to assist you with your launch , or to manage the entire process for you, from plan through launch.

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What can you expect? (An example process)

We follow a proven product launch process with accepted best practices on your project, as seen below.

Product launch flow

Before Stage 1 - the Planning Phase, we begin by discussing what you're launching, your launch objectives, and available assets. Those may include in-house email lists, partners you believe you can count on to promote during the launch, and any related advertising and PR activities related to the launch.

We then develop a Launch Plan and Strategy. This plan helps us refine the scope of the project and who will be responsible for various aspects of the launch.  It includes the customized launch plan, project schedule and go-to-market strategy.  These plans detail unit sales goals, launch-related advertising and PR activity, ad budgets, and in-house and partner resources. Also included are go-to-market strategy, pre-launch sequence and content development plans (for videos, emails, website content, etc).

We can typically develop the launch strategy and plan for between $7.5K to $10K (USD), which includes the customized launch plan, project schedule and go-to-market strategy. Our work is always estimated in advance, and no work proceeds without your written approval. We can consider a reduced up-front fee in exchange for a percentage of revenue under the appropriate circumstances.

During Stage 1 - the Development and Pre-Launch phase, we develop the content (email sequences, website content, launch blog content, videos, etc.) that will be rolled out from a marketing communications standpoint during the pre-launch phase (typically 3 to 6 weeks) prior to launch day.

We can usually provide a fixed-price estimate on this part of the project once the scope is understood.

Then, we work with you to build a launch list of qualified prospects during the pre-launch Stage 1, create anticipation and buzz during the period leading up to launch day and Stage 2, then help drive the sales process once the product is launched.

We can also assist you with the post launch and early-demand Stage 3 as the product launch wraps up and you enter your ongoing promotion and normal operations cycle.

We can manage the entire process for you, or work with your own project manager, depending on your needs.  We typically need to interface with someone in your company who handles the internal coordination and partner coordination.

We appreciate any opportunity to discuss your launch needs further

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Product Marketing Services

Take advantage of these product marketing solutions to your online marketing needs. Choose from a variety of professional services to get the help you need:

Product Strategy Services

  • Product launch
  • Product management
  • Go-to-market and channel
  • Pricing and business models
  • USP and value propositions
  • Whole product and extensibility
  • Buyer segmentation
  • Product line strategy

Product Messaging

  • Buyer personas
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Positioning
  • Features and benefits
  • Copywriting for website, data sheets, reports, white papers, presentations and other collaterals

Marketing Communications

  • Offer design and ad development
  • Testimonial and customer success stories
  • Email campaigns

Marketing Collateral Development

  • Sales collateral development, messaging and copywriting
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Report and white paper design, layout and production
  • Landing page development, messaging and copywriting
  • Website product pages and related content
  • Product data sheet design, layout and production
  • Video concepting and script writing
  • Video demo and tutorial production

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Why Us

We personally stand behind our work and will ensure you are satisfied and successful.

The right blend of talent and experience:

  • Enterprise product marketing experience in range of B2B and B2C industries
  • Hi-tech software and hardware experience
  • Online, Internet and social media experience

Why Our Approach

We can help your company create a go to market strategy, launch a new product or website, or grow sales for an existing product, by building a relationship of trust and respect and creating a community of customers, prospects, resellers or other target publics:

  • Strategies for breaking through marketplace noise and clutter
  • Unique methods that cause prospects to pay attention and engage
  • Creating awareness and understanding
  • Building interest and desire
  • Developing bonding and trusted advisor status
  • Providing social proof and actual proof
  • Creating an eager community of buyers

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