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Online Leadership Guide™

Optimize your site to achieve better lead generation and sales

Are you doing everything you can to maximize the profitability of your business? Being an online leader in today's competitive online world is tougher than ever, so you need to ensure everything is optimized and performing well.

The Online Leadership Guide provides a wealth of strategies, advice, tools and techniques you can apply immediately to optimize your online business.

Take advantage of the guide to increase your online sales and feed your offline sales process with even more qualified leads to drive your business.

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Discover How the Online Leadership Guide Can Increase Your Sales

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"Rick would be a valuable asset to any organization that has realized that the old ways of marketing need to be tweaked in a Web 2.0 world."

Dave Asprey,
VP Marketing
Zeus Software

The Online Leadership Guide™ gives you field-proven "game plans" - best-practices that have been successfully employed in the corporate, high-tech and internet marketing worlds - for setting your online business goals and achieving them - without experimenting, without wasting time or blowing your budget:

  • Create offers that consistently turn site visitors into leads
  • Build online relationships that significantly increase conversion rates
  • Move the "free-line" to generate more qualified leads
  • Increase your average order size for bigger profits
  • Develop effective back-end offers, and much more

You will find the "Online Business Gameplan™, Online Leadership Guide™" is an easy-to-consume, professional-grade, off-the-shelf solution you can put into action TODAY.

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Your Online Leadership Game Plan

In this section, you will gain the essential knowledge and strategies you can use to lead a successful online business effectively

Your Selling Machine

You'll find proven offer techniques, opt-in strategies, customer, prospect and partner relationship development processes and sales processes for monetizing lead-conversions into revenue

Your Lead-Generation Machine

You'll learn best-practices for driving the right traffic that converts into leads and sales (including PPC, SEO, CPA, CPL, banners, affiliates, social media and more)

You can put the "Online Leadership Guide" - and its field-proven strategies, game plans and blueprints from both the corporate and Internet marketing worlds - into action right away to set your profit goals, then go about achieving them - without experimentation.

Start Taking Advantage of These Field-Proven Strategies Now

With the "Online Leadership Guide"...

You will Gain valuable knowledge and perspective regarding the structure and operation of your business as a profit center

You will be able to take action using field-tested, "corporate" and "Internet" marketing strategies and techniques - including putting a proven Selling Machine process into place

You will be able to save time and money with less experimenting and will encounter fewer "blind alleys" that can cost you money and precious time

You will be able to maximize the profitability of your business, turning your site's visitors into prospects, and its prospects into customers.

And this valuable resource does not require attending seminars or hiring armies of consultants...

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Available in 2 convenient formats

  • Online Leadership Guide $97.00 Downloadable guide Download and read immediately or print your own hardcopy
  • $197 Downloadable guide + Audio books in MP3 format Download and install on your iPod™ or iPhone™, MP3 player or burn to CD-ROM and take it with you