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Learn How To Increase Your Sales Conversions
By 15% or More - Guaranteed.

Supercharge your Google AdWords® PPC campaigns and SEO efforts, using "Internet Marketing Forensics™" to boost your conversions.

Go beyond simple analytics and tracking – and learn how to use "Internet Marketing Forensics" to more effectively investigate and understand what is happening on your site – the specific content and processes that are leading people to buy...

Get step-by-step instructions describing proven techniques and methods to:

  • Increase your sales by 15% to 300% - without spending more on traffic
  • Achieve 30% or higher Landing Page conversion rates - build lists bigger and faster
  • Nurture your leads more effectively, so your list becomes more responsive, and
  • Reduce wasteful/non-responsive ad spending by at least 10%

Watch easy-to-follow descriptions and real-time demonstrations of our proven, trademarked "Conversion Success Investigation™" process that leads to increased lead-generation and making more sales.

You will learn how to apply that process for making the right observations and the exact set of changes to your site.

Apply the WinningWare Sales C.S.I.™ program to your business and and remove the guesswork from your site’s lead-generation and online sales results.

Use the information contained in its six video modules (21 videos in all) to boost lead flow and increase sales conversions – from your existing Google AdWords® and other traffic sources - using proven best practices, all at a very affordable price and backed by a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

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Drive more profits from your Google AdWords® PPC campaigns,
and from your SEO efforts, too

  • Increase lead-capture rates by 30% and grow your lists
  • Increase sales conversions 15% (or more) from existing traffic sources such as Google®, Facebook® and SEO
  • Decrease wasted advertising spending by at least 10%
  • Learn where to focus to increase the ROI of your SEO efforts

Easily access video-based training (available 24 x 7) to help you:

  • Know what tools to use to gather and analyze information (and exactly how to apply available tools to your site and situation)
  • Increase leads and build your lists faster from landing page opt-in forms, downloads and free trials, and contact form inquiries
  • Increase sales conversions, up-sells and cross-selling results
  • Identify dead-ends and "broken" lead-generation and sales processes and fix them
  • Eliminate wasteful spending and wasted time on unproductive advertising campaigns, keywords and SEO efforts
  • Focus your budget and time on productive advertising, keywords and SEO to maximize your ROI

WinningWare Sales C.S.I.™ will help you adjust your website and related processes (PPC campaigns, email auto responder and related content) helping you build your list faster and generate more sales – all through the use of easy-to-apply Internet Marketing Forensics that inform and guide your effort.

USD $97
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Gain immediate access to six video modules (21 videos in all) that describe everything in step-by-step detail

The foundation of the program is six video modules that cover, in step-by-step detail, proven methods to improve your online sales and lead-generation results – not ambiguous strategies or theories, but rather specific best practices and tools you can apply right away.

The training course is organized into a simple, 5-step process, shown in the chart below:

The five key steps of instruction include:

1) Instrumentation - how to add the proper instrumentation to your website
2) Analytics - how to configure and use the analytic tools properly
3) Forensics - how to learn exactly what buyers (and non-buyers) are doing on your site
4) Observations - how to create actionable optimization steps from what you learn
5) Tuning / Optimizations - how to apply tuning and optimization to your site.

Each of these steps is organized into a "module", a set of brief instructional, how-to videos (most of them 10 to 20 minutes in length) showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Most of the tools used in the training course are free. Also included are demonstrations and examples of other recommended, affordable "premium" third-party tools that you can license and apply (at your discretion), should you wish to take full advantage of that area of instruction to maximize your results.

Here’s everything you receive

  • 6 Video Modules - 21 videos in all
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Real-world examples
  • Hands-on product and analysis demonstrations
  • Support - Includes 24 x 7 online support and program updates
  • Guarantee - 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
USD $97
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Five good reasons to choose Sales C.S.I.™

1) Proven – Based on industry best practices and proven techniques applied to multiple online businesses; uses popular off-the-shelf software

2) High-Value – No other training course (we know of) can provide you with the kind of high ROI on your existing traffic and website investments

3) Guaranteed – 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

4) Rapid Results –You can begin reaping the rewards of faster list building plus more lead conversions and increased sales within 2-3 weeks of applying the instruction to your business

5) Affordable – At $97 USD, it's certainly affordable for every business and website owner

Sales C.S.I.™ will show you how to decide what to reinforce, fix and eliminate in your online sales processes so that you can convert more visitors to leads, and more leads to sales.

Gain a competitive edge

Get a leg up on your competition by converting more “lookers” into buyers before they visit your competitors’ sites - building a larger community of buyers and increased sales momentum for your business instead of theirs.

Time is money

Take advantage our time spent researching, experimenting and proving what works - so that you don't continue to be frustrated and over-whelmed.

It’s easy to get started

You can literally get started right away – go step-by-step through the entire tracking, Internet Marketing Forensics™ investigative process, as well as learn how to tune and optimize your site more effectively.

Leverages industry-standard and best-of-breed tools

Sales C.S.I. shows you how to get the most of industry standard tools like Google® Analytics and Google Website Optimizer. The course also recommends certain inexpensive, best-of-breed tools used for detailed visitor and conversion tracking and clickstream analysis. These tools provide detailed tracking and forensics information and will make you more productive throughout the forensics process.

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Product Overview Video

USD $97
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sales C.S.I. includes an unconditional, 60 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Our No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will benefit from Sales C.S.I.™ that we GUARANTEE you will:

  • Increase landing page conversion rates by at least 30% and grow your lists
  • Increase sales conversions by at least 15% from existing traffic sources
  • Decrease wasted advertising spending by at least 10%
  • Identify where to focus and increase your SEO results

We are happy to provide you with an unconditional, risk-free satisfaction guarantee for 60 days from date of purchase. If you purchase Sales C.S.I. and it doesn't meet your needs for any reason, you can get a no-hassle refund.

Simply open a Support Ticket and include a copy of your original purchase receipt within 60 days of purchase. We will then see to it that you get a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price.

USD $97
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USD $97
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