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Contact: Rick Braddy, President & CEO

WinningWare™ announces new product launch and product marketing services enabling businesses to break through the noise and achieve better sales results

Product launch and online marketing company™ announces two new professional service programs to enable businesses to increase sales and create revenue momentum for their businesses – with proven processes for generating quality leads and then converting them into buyers.

Houston, TX, USA, January 26, 2011-- WinningWare today announced the availability of new professional service programs businesses and entrepreneurs can access now to get help with the following important marketing activities:

Product Launch Services

Services are now available to assist in certain aspects (or for the management of the entire process) - of product or website launches.

WinningWare applies proven launch processes and best practices throughout the Pre-launch, Launch and Post Launch phases of a typical project.

Customers review what they're launching, plus launch objectives and available assets.

WinningWare then develops a launch plan and strategy. This plan includes the customized launch plan, project schedule and go-to-market strategy.

Customers can also have content (email sequences, website content, launch blog copy, videos, etc.) custom – developed.

WinningWare works with customers to build a launch list of qualified prospects during the pre-launch Stage 1, create anticipation and buzz during the period leading up to launch day and Stage 2, then help drive the sales process once the product is launched.

 Product Marketing Services

Customers can now get help and take advantage of a number of service solutions tailored to address their online marketing needs.

Services are available in the following task areas: product messaging and copywriting, marketing communications and collateral development.

Customers will find WinningWare’s proven strategies break through marketplace noise to reach prospects more reliably. WinningWare employs methods that cause prospects to pay closer attention, engage and then take action, which can result in more leads and sales.

Rick Braddy, CEO of WinningWare, said “We personally stand behind our work and will ensure you are satisfied and successful. We can help your company create a go to market strategy, launch a new product or website, or grow sales for an existing product or business.”

“Use our fifty-five years of experience with product marketing, software development, marketing communications and launch specialty expertise to reach qualified prospects more reliably and increase sales results,” Braddy added.

Services in both of the areas mentioned above are available now. Those interested may learn more and also request a no-obligation review, here:

Product Launch and Product Marketing services:

About WinningWare
WinningWare™ provides the tools and services businesses use to create a go-to-market strategy, launch a new product or website, or grow sales for an existing product, by building a relationship of trust and respect and creating a community of customers, prospects, resellers or other target publics.

Contact: Rick Braddy, President & CEO

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