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“During his time at Citrix, Rick was instrumental in moving Citrix from a single product company to a company with a broad portfolio of products. He also planted the seed of Web marketing and continued to cultivate the value of Web-based techniques throughout his time at Citrix. Rick would be a valuable asset to any organization that has realized that the old ways of marketing need to be tweaked in a Web 2.0 world.”

Dave Asprey
VP Marketing, Zeus Software

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"Discover How to Tap Into the Power of the Internet to Drive Your Business Using These Proven, State-of-the-Art Strategies"

Are you doing everything you can to maximize the profitability of your company’s Web business? Everyone is so busy these days, it’s tough to keep up.

Here’s an easy way learn how to leverage the power of the Internet to increase online sales and feed your offline sales process with more qualified leads. And you don’t have to attend a seminar, or hire a team of consultants.

What if you discovered proven strategies handed to you “on a silver platter” — strategies based on experience and real-world results — easy to refer back to and to review with your team so you can:

  • Gain the understanding and complete perspective you need, to achieve the success you want…
  • Identify what is working, and what is not working…
  • Decide what needs to be done, and in what priority…
  • Create a strategy and plan of action…
  • Apply the right resources needed to get results, and
  • Unleash the power of the Internet to drive your business!

Now you can have access to an "off-the-shelf," field-proven solution, to help you:

  • Set and achieve sales goals
  • Generate more hot leads for sales
  • Convert more prospects into sales
  • Acquire new customers/sell more to existing customers; plus
  • Maximize the profitability of your business and increase sales results

I've crystallized my professional experience gained at Citrix Systems and BMV Software and combined it with best-practices I have learned over the past 10 years in the Internet marketing space, building several successful online businesses.


To: Marketing Professional
From:: Rick Braddy, CEO, ConXentric, Inc.

Thank you for visiting — let me ask you:

As a fellow business manager, I understand the issues you face every day — the barriers to overcome, the pressures to increase revenues and profits. It's easy to get frustrated, though you (and perhaps your team) have made a real effort to make things work.

I know. I have been there — many times...

And that’s why I developed a system you can use, starting today, to begin generating the sales results you want to see from your business.

Whether you transact business purely online, use traditional offline sales methods, or a combination of both, you can benefit from what I'm about to share with you.


You will find the Online Leadership Guide™” is an easy-to-consume, professional-grade solution you can put into action TODAY to:

  • Create offers that consistently turn site visitors into leads
  • Build online relationships that significantly increase conversion rates
  • Move the “free-line” to generate more qualified leads
  • Increase your average order size for bigger profits
  • Develop effective back-end offers, and much more

The Online Leadership Guide (a 100+ page resource and audio book set), gives you field-proven “game plans” — best-practices that have been successfully employed in the high-tech and Internet marketing worlds — for setting your online business goals and achieving them — without experimenting, without wasting time or blowing your budget.

Are you ready to take advantage of state-of-the-art strategies? If you are, Click here to get started right now


This online leadership guide is not another “re-hash” of Search Engine Marketing, blogs or social media mumbo jumbo — rather, it contains strategies and techniques you can put to use immediately.

Now you can take advantage of this easy-to-consume, “off-the-shelf” solution, to help you:

  • Gain the understanding and 360° perspective you need to drive growth
  • Identify what's working and what's not
  • Create a strategy with a clear plan of action
  • Apply the resources you need to get results, and
  • Unleash the power of the Internet to drive your business growth

Whether you come from a traditional, offline marketing background and would like to learn state-of-the-art online marketing strategies, or are a knowledgeable, online marketer needing to stay current, you can take advantage of this new resource to keep your bases covered and even gain an “edge.”

Let me give you an example.


Kevin and I first became acquainted in early 2005. A custom builder, Kevin first acquired a passion for tiki bars while on vacation in the Caribbean with his family. He decided he wanted to build them for a living and started a business.

But by late 2005, Kevin found himself in financial distress and was frustrated by all his failed attempts to make a living doing what he loved. The fundamental problem was, he just couldn't find enough customers.

Although his website looked great (Kevin’s wife is an accomplished graphic designer), he was just not getting any orders for his custom-built tiki bar and hut products ($5k and up selling price).

The small amount of traffic he was getting to his website was not converting into customers - and the phone wasn't ringing on his toll-free 800 number.

In desperation, Kevin contacted me. He told me he just had to close his shop, sell off many of his best tools, and that things were looking grim.

But he wasn't ready to give up. He knew the market was there. If he could just figure out how to drive sales everything would be fine...

So Kevin asked me if there was any way I could help him. I had to think about that for a minute, because I already had a demanding full-time CTO job plus my own small online business interests that consumed almost all of my time.

I didn't really know Kevin that well at the time, but I quickly realized that if I didn't help him, most likely nobody else would.

So I decided to have a look at Kevin's website. I quickly noticed Kevin was doing nothing in terms of “warming up” his prospects and building trust in his business — something necessary to sell a $5,000 item.

In fact, there was no sales process in place at all. There was no way to turn visitors into leads that could develop into sales.

How could Kevin expect a consumer to visit his site and just purchase a product worth thousands of dollars — without first building a “relationship” with them?

We made several changes to his website. I helped Kevin write an eBook about making tiki bars, and we started selling the eBook on his website. We also brought some initial traffic to the site using Google AdWords™.

In addition, I wrote the sales page you can still view on the site today. The eBook started selling hundreds of copies per month.

Reading Kevin's eBook had several positive effects:

  • It established Kevin as an authority on tiki bar construction
  • It generated a steady stream of leads (with some nominal revenue)
  • Most importantly, the eBook How To Build Your Own Tiki Bar showed how incredibly involved it is to build a tiki bar, which helped prospects appreciate the value of having a master builder like Kevin do it for them

This eBook attracted and qualified prospects, legitimized the value of the tiki bars and justified the $5,000 price tag in the eyes of some prospects.

A few weeks later, Kevin's 800 number began to ring and ring. It was customers calling, ordering their custom-built tiki bars! Kevin was elated and relieved, but had little time to bask in this newfound success.

Kevin was suddenly so busy building and delivering, he had to hire additional help to keep up with the incoming phone calls, orders and deliveries.

To his delight, Kevin opened a new shop, bought new tools that were better than many of those he had to sell, and now has a thriving small business.

In Kevin's case, the eBook was a great little $20 money-magnet, an offer designed to attract qualified buyers who were interested in tiki bars — some of them serious enough to have Kevin custom-build them a $5,000 "Tiki Kev Signature Bar"!

And this exact same eBook continues to drive Kevin's business today, years later. Kevin is so busy and backlogged building and delivering these tiki bars to customers, I can barely reach him by phone or email during the peak summer season...

And Kevin's now enjoying life, doing what he loves most, and making huge amounts of money — both from the eBook sales and his tiki bar construction business — an offline business that's being fed hot, qualified leads 24 x 7 by his website.

This is just one of many proven strategies you'll find in the Online Leadership Guide.

And as you can see here, you don't need to be selling products online to put these online sales strategies into practice in your business. In fact, these techniques have been used by many traditional businesses that primarily go to market via a live sales force, telesales or even resellers.

So, whether you're selling online, offline or both - you can use the strategies you will find in the Online Leadership Guide into immediate use.


I started working on Kevin's site in February of 2006 — he starting turning a profit by the end of March, and his online sales continue to be great. Kevin has enjoyed all the business he can handle since then.

Kevin was even found on Google by the TV show “Extreme Home Makeover” and had his tiki bar used in one of their episodes! (I’m not making this up…)

Kevin’s site still ranks “first page” on Google and Yahoo, and has received more than 200,000 unique visitors since March, 2006 for the keywords "tiki bar" and "tiki hut". Needless to say, Kevin and his business are now "on the map" - the Internet map.

This makes Kevin one happy guy — waking up every day to new business that just finds him, calls him and places orders.

The reality is, now that everything is in place, Kevin has an unstoppable lead-generation machine feeding a proven sales process.

Obviously, I can't guarantee that you will be on TV, but Kevin's story is a real-world example of a small business selling a premium-priced product effectively, by tapping into the power and scale of the Internet. Since then Kevin's Tiki Bars have also been featured on the Today Show, as well.

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Use the “Online Leadership Guide” to quickly learn what to do to increase sales and drive higher profits. The Guide contains:

  • Your Executive Leadership Game Plan
    In this section, you’ll gain the essential knowledge and strategies you can use to lead a successful online business effectively
  • Your Selling Machine
    You'll find proven offer techniques, opt-in strategies, customer, prospect and partner relationship development processes and sales processes for monetizing lead-conversions into revenue
  • Your Lead-Generation Machine
    You'll learn best-practices for driving the right traffic that converts into leads and sales (including PPC, SEO, CPA, CPL, banners, affiliates, social media and more)

You can put the “Online Leadership Guide” — and its field-proven strategies, game plans and blueprints from both the corporate and Internet marketing worlds — into action right away to set your profit goals, then go about achieving them — without experimentation.

No matter if you are an owner of a small business, or a marketing executive at a high-tech or larger company -- doing business online is, after all, about building a relationship with your prospect, then turning that relationship into revenue.


At this point, you may be wondering about my background and qualifications to help you.

I retired at the end of 2007 as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CITRIX Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS) Virtualization Systems Group after six years of service. While with Citrix, I was responsible for a broad range of business and technology strategies which contributed significantly to the company's growth to $1.39 billion dollars in 2007 from $425 million in 2002..

As the CTO of the original and largest Citrix group, I was responsible for a $1 Billion business unit. I led Citrix's business and technology strategy, technology architectures and platforms, patents and intellectual property, so I know what it takes to win.

I also served as VP Product Management for three years, devising strategies which resulted in the majority of the company's profits and revenue growth during my tenure.

Prior to Citrix, I accumulated more than 25 years of high-technology experience, including holding key positions at BMC Software over an eight-year period as group and Internet architect for eBusiness Solutions - so I'm qualified to help you tap into the Internet.

I have been involved in the Internet Marketing space for more than 10 years — using the Internet for marketing and selling all kinds of products — to both consumers and businesses.

I have started (and maintain to this day) several businesses, each of which is very profitable.

That’s my summary. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and more than a decade learning what works and what doesn’t when marketing and selling products - both online and offline.


You may be interested in what some of my colleagues have had to say recently:

“Rick is a great technology visionary and CTO. With his passion, insight and strategic leadership, Rick has been a key contributor to the growth of Citrix in the five years that I have known him. He combines a genuinely big-picture vision with rare pragmatism and the drive to understand and address real market needs.” - Chris Fleck, VP, Strategic Alliances, Citrix Systems

“Rick is an extremely talented CTO. He has a whole range of terrific skills: Great vision , an in depth understanding of technology and consequent opportunities, an ability to connect and communicate with CIOs and key customers, an understanding of how to package technologies and components into compelling product and solution sets and real knowledge of how to utilize the web to market products.” - Tim Simmons, Lead Software Architect, Citrix Systems

“During his time at Citrix, Rick was instrumental in moving Citrix from a single product company to a company with a broad portfolio of products. He also planted the seed of Web marketing and continued to cultivate the value of Web-based techniques throughout his time at Citrix. He continues to provide leadership and guidance to myself and many of my colleagues to this day. Rick would be a valuable asset to any organization that has realized that the old ways of marketing need to be tweaked in a Web 2.0 world.” - Dave Asprey, VP Marketing, Zeus Software

"Rick has a unique combination of skills. He is a deep technologist with an ability to see connections between trends, and articulate the impact in both layman's terms and technology terms. In addition, Rick is a very creative strategist, not constrained by existing thoughts and structures, as he views the future and steps that should be taken. Finally, Rick is a very trustworthy colleague and executive with high integrity and great objectivity.” - R. Scott Herren, Group VP and General Manager, Virtualization Systems Group, Citrix Systems

“Rick is an extremely talented CTO. He has a whole range of terrific skills: Great vision , an in depth understanding of technology and consequent opportunities, an ability to connect and communicate with CIOs and key customers, an understanding of how to package technologies and components into compelling product and solution sets and real knowledge of how to utilize the web to market products. He is also very terrific to work with as a colleague !” - Keith Turnbull, VP WW Product Development, Virtualization Systems Group, Citrix Systems

Put my proven track record to use in your business Click here to take advantage now


The truth is, I can't guarantee you anything with 100% certainty. I don't know you or exactly what you're capable of or your exact circumstances...

Having said that, these strategies are working every day in all kinds of businesses - so there's an excellent chance they'll work for you, too. And they come with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What you'll learn is based on solid fundamentals - proven in the field over many years. By learning what works and replicating these success patterns, you'll save time and avoid experimentation.

Building a winning business isn't always easy, but it is predictable. The "Online Leadership Guide" will arm you with everything you need to:

  • Gain the understanding and complete perspective you need to achieve the success you want
  • Identify what is working, and what is not working
  • Decide what needs to be done, and in what priority order
  • Create a strategy and clear plan of action
  • Apply the right resources and get results fast

So, if you have leadership responsibility, you will want to take advantage of this professional-grade solution, an end-to-end system that will show you what to do to become more profitable and successful.


Inside, you will find:

Your Executive Leadership Gameplan

In this section you’ll learn strategies to drive maximum profits for various forms of businesses:

  • Setting online financial objectives that are realistic to achieve
  • Converting financial objectives into key execution metrics for your marketing plan
  • Recognizing your knowledge-to-assumption ratio (how to identify and mitigate key risks that can affect your results)
  • Developing a proven end-to-end online selling system (this is key to turning visitors into sales)
  • Expanding traffic sources and campaigns (scaling up your business
  • Layering on back-ends, up-sells and cross-sells (the secrets to increasing your profits
  • Optimizing your online sales machine (increasing your sales efficiency)

Your Selling Machine

Discover proven “money-magnet” techniques, opt-in strategies, customer, prospect and partner relationship development processes and sales processes for monetizing lead-conversions into revenue:

  • The 9 must-have components of your online selling "machine"
  • A block diagram showing you exactly how to construct your own online sales machine that converts visitors into sales and profits
  • "Relationships Equal Money" (turning relationships into money in your business, the key to selling anything - especially online, where trust is the biggest barrier to sale)
  • The “Chasm of Doubt” and how it’s preventing many who visit your site from buying from you today
  • “Building a Bridge of Trust” that can significantly increase sales conversions, by building the right kind of relationships with your prospects
  • The 5 steps you must take to turn relationships into profits
  • Learning take-aways from the “offline” sales process (that you can leverage online)
  • The 6 forms of communications (once you know this, you'll know how to choose the right form of communications in your marketing and selling efforts)
  • Ads that attract more qualified traffic
  • Turning visitors into prospects (then building an online relationship, automatically, 24 x 7)
  • Qualifying and warming-up prospects into leads (then closing them online or passing them to your offline sales process to close)
  • Converting leads into sales (proven sales processes that work)
  • Automating your “relationship development system” (so it's hands-free)
  • Building desire and motivating your site's visitors to take action (gaining cooperation and getting people "activated" on your behalf and taking action is one of the keys to driving sales)
  • Testing, tracking and optimization — measuring and improving for greater efficiency

Your Lead-Generation Machine

Once you have an effective Selling Machine in place, you will need proven strategies for driving traffic and maximizing conversions into leads:

  • Types of traffic, what to look for (and what to avoid)
  • Proven traffic strategies you can put into action immediately (to drive your revenue growth)
  • Pros and cons of available traffic resources
  • Recommended "balanced" traffic strategy
  • Money-magnet strategies that attract customers
  • Back-end strategies for driving increased profitability (effective back-end offers you should consider to increase your profit per sale)

Put these state-of-the-art strategies to work in your business Click here


Whatever your title is, you are "in charge" of some or all of your business. This means you are not only responsible, but you are expected to lead.

You know how to manage people and resources (you wouldn't be where you are if you did not).

But you also know that leadership requires knowledge, confidence and credibility that comes across to those you're expected to lead.

Wouldn't it be great to:

  • Lead the way by establishing a winning sales and lead-generatin strategy for your business
  • Be able to better direct your consultants or contractors to do what's needed most
  • Just have the knowledge to set a course for your in-house staff

In essense - to lead your company in the right direction and increase sales results fast.


By the time you finish with the "Online Leadership Guide", you'll be ready to:

  • Set your business financial goals for the next 12 to 18 months
  • Turn those financial goals into a series of achievable execution metrics
  • Identify your biggest risk items and how to mitigate them
  • Create strategic plans for your team
  • Equip your team to hit the ground running fast and execute smoothly
  • Lead your team through the inevitable bumps in the road to success
  • Lead your team in putting an effective, profitable online selling machine in place
  • Create a balaned traffic strategy that right for growing your business
  • Plan your next stages of growth


Unfortunately, there are many people selling "quick fix" products on the market today. I suppose it's a by-product of the world we live in - where "instant gratification" is often desired.

The truth is, 99% of those quick-fix products simply do not work. In business, there's no such thing as a quick fix - only solid fundamentals that get you consistent results with:

a) the right strategy
b) the right investments of time and resources, and
c) excellent execution against the right plan.

So, if you're looking for a "quick-fix" to your business, this isn't it...

And based on my decades of experience, I can safely say you're not going to find one, either. I know, I've tried most of them already (so you don't have to)...

On the other hand, if you want to know exactly what it's REALLY going to take to have a successful business that consistently grows, and you're willing to do what it takes to win, I'm about to help you do just that:

  • Decide how much money you want to make from your business and set proper goals
  • Create a plan for achieving your goals
  • Get the right players on your team to enable your success
  • Put a high-performance Selling Machine in place that turns website visitors into customers
  • Bring volumes of the right kinds of traffic to your site to scale your business up
  • Invest in stages to grow your business profitably, so it remains self-funded as you grow

Ready to get started building a real, long-term profitable business?

Good. I'm ready to show you how.


We thought about how best to make this important information available, realizing time is at a premium for you. So, we decided to let you choose.

The “Online Leadership Guide” starts at just $97 (for a limited time).

I think you will find this to be a tremendous value:

  • Because...You will be able to gain valuable knowledge and perspective regarding the structure and operation of your business as a profit center
  • Because...You will be able to take action using the information in the Guide, using its field- tested strategies and techniques from both the “corporate” and “Internet” marketing worlds, including putting a proven Selling Machine process into place
  • Because...You will be able to save time and money with less experimenting and encounter fewer “blind alleys” that can cost you money and precious time
  • And because...You will be able to maximize the profitability of your business, turning your site’s visitors into prospects, and its prospects into customers.


What action will you take? As the leader and decision-maker, as usual - it's up to you...

You can do nothing… but that virtually guarantees that nothing will change, and you will continue to repeat the same activities with less than satisfying results.

You can keep “plugging away” … experimenting, hoping you’ll “figure it out” before it’s too late — this is why they call it “The School of Hard Knocks” — and I don’t recommend it.

You can hire a consultant (or consultants)… “farm out” the problem to outsiders, hoping they will figure things out. This is usually quite an expensive option, and one that takes time to obtain enough traction while bringing the consultants “up to speed.”

Or… you can use “success modeling” — imitating the actions of others that have achieved success in the areas you desire to — and that you will find in my “Online Leadership Guide.”

Use the Guide to model your success, leveraging my experience along with the experiences of dozens of other marketing experts I have learned from over the years.

I am certain that you will find the Guide a valuable resource.


We realize you're busy, and that everyone learns in different ways, so you can choose to:

  1. Download and read in PDF format (and print, if you wish)
  2. Download in both PDF and audio book forms (MP3 and streamed media), suitable for use on iPodTM, iPhoneTM and other MP3 players, as well as burning to CD-ROM for use in the car
  3. Receive everything pre-installed and ready-to-go on a cool Apple iPod TouchTM, so you can just plug in and go (and the iPod Touch will hold your music collection and do a lot more)

ORDER THE Online Leadership Guide BELOW

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Within 60 days of your purchase... If you do not find the “Online Leadership Guide” to be a resource that you can use to increase the profitability of your business — for any reason — we will refund your payment, in full.*

Period. There's absolutely no risk for you to try the product and see for yourself.

So, I hope you take advantage of this incredibly-powerful Online Leadership Guide.

I guarantee it will put you in the driver's seat and on the road to success.

With best regards,

Rick Braddy President/CEO ConXentric, Inc. www.WinningWare.com

P.S. Read this ONLY if you have decided not to order at this time

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