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Frequently Asked Questions

What can DIY email marketing campaigns can do for me?

Enables you to construct and implement a professional-quality email marketing campaign quickly and affordably

Offers an efficient DIY alternative to complicated and/or time consuming involvement with consultants, training classes or courseware

Offers you a risk-free alternative to devising your campaign "from scratch" with its 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

How do DIY email marketing campaigns work?

Implementing the DIY 4-Day Discount Email Campaign is a straightforward process. Use the step-by-step instructions, advice, and actual content provided and streamline your construction of a professional email discount campaign:

  • Step 1 - After purchasing, download the product - Word™ and PDF™ files.
  • Step 2 - Read through the PDF™ version to get familiarized with the information inside.
  • Step 3 - Use the editable Word™ version and customize its email content with your company's specific product information and offers related to your campaign.
  • Step 4 - Copy the customized email campaign content into your company's approved HTML-based email design, or set up the content into text-based emails.
  • Step 5 - Load the completed emails in sequence into your company's email autoresponder software per your targeted campaign timeframe.

Benefits of using DIY email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing campaign sequences are a proven way to drive sales results from existing customer and prospect lists by offering a limited-time discount. Everyone loves to get a good deal and save money, so temporary price reductions gives people a justifiable reason to make a purchase now (instead of later) and from you (instead of a potential competitor in the future).

DIY email marketing campaigns employ proven best practices and save time, money and effort.
Using our off-the-shelf email campaigns and process will:

Save time

The email campaign sequence, its structure, content and timing are "pre-fabbed" and ready to customize - save hours of work

Save money

Significantly less expensive and time consuming than experimentation, consultants, training or courseware

Save effort

It's easy to get started; begin executing right away with:

  • Task-specific instructions and best-practices for what to do, when to do it and what to say
  • Complete descriptions of the emails in the sequence
  • Content outlines for each email in the sequence, ready to customize

What do I get with the email campaign package?

  • 4-Day, Discount Email Campaign Sequence (4 emails, their purpose and "send" dates)
  • 7-Day, Holiday/Special Offer Email Campaign Sequence (6 emails, their purpose and "send" dates)
  • Individual email content outlines (for each email/ready to customize)
  • Campaign Strategy & Objectives, Campaign Process, Supporting campaign collateral
  • Concise strategy and task-specific instructions to execute your email campaign
  • Downloadable Editable Microsoft Word™ file (v.97-2003 compatible)
  • Downloadable Adobe™ PDF file

What is the launch leverage report?

13-Page report

This downloadable report (in PDF form) provides insights into how and why online product launches work, along with an overview of the phases involved: pre-launch, launch and post-launch. Every online launch plan today can benefit by incorporating and leveraging these email, community and market conditioning strategies.

The report also covers how focused communities of users are built around the launch event during pre-launch, and leveraged in various ways to validate the product, its marketing messaging, and also to uncover and overcome sales objections prior to the product's launch and general availability.

Download our Free Launch Leverage Report

What is the Marketing ROI Calculator?

ROI Calculator

A tool to calculate traffic volume, opt-in and conversion rates necessary to achieve your email marketing objectives.

Using this spreadsheet, you can quickly enter your campaign goals, in terms of revenue, and the spreadsheet calculates how much traffic, list sizes and conversion rates involved in making your campaign a success.

Download our Free Online Business Gameplan Calculator 

What is the online marketing mini-course?

5-Part Video Mini-Course

Field proven, professional-grade strategies, based on real-world experience, for growing your online business. You can apply these techniques in both product launches and your day-to-day online marketing.

Download our Free 5-Part Online Sales Process Minicourse

(Downloadable videos, each approximately 5 minutes in length.)