Will SaaS + Virtualization Eat the Desktop and Transform IT?

October 2, 2011

Tweet Will a perfect storm of technologies, combined with the SaaS financial and delivery model disrupt traditional Windows desktops and transform how IT services are delivered, and how corporate data centers are managed?  It may be more imminent than you think. First, let’s examine a little background and the context that’s brought us to this […]

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Does Disruptive Innovation Create Sustainable Wealth?

August 9, 2011

Tweet Apple Inc. today became the world’s most valued public company, surpassing Exxon Mobile Corp., according to various sources.  Apple soared past its arch rival of decades past, Microsoft, last year, in terms of overall market valuation. While on the surface it’s clear which products and innovations led to this amazing marketplace performance, what may be less […]

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3 Pillars of Sales Success Interview (audio clip)

July 19, 2011

Tweet I was contacted by Dhane Crowley, an influential Internet entrepreneur, who was moved by my recent post “3 Pillars of Online Success”. Dhane asked to interview me and include the interview content as a part of an upcoming product he will be launching. Naturally, I agreed to the interview, as I welcome opportunities to […]

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More Traffic or Increased Conversions?

July 6, 2011

Tweet The one thing all e-commerce providers have in common is, we all want to increase our sales results, lead flow and financial performance. But what’s the best way to go?  More Traffic?  Increased conversions on existing traffic? I read a blog post by a highly-successful online entrepreneur recently.  His name is Dr. Neil Shearing […]

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Translating Brilliance into Market-leading Growth

July 1, 2011

Tweet Have you ever wondered what separates good companies from great ones?  Well, there’s a great book written on that subject… and without repeating what’s in the book Good to Great (which I highly-recommend, by the way), it’s even more interesting to look at a real-world example we’re all familiar with today. How would you […]

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Startup Launch Marketing Process

June 29, 2011

Tweet I read a great post on the Rocket Watcher blog today on launch marketing for startups by product marketing expert and blogger April Dunford. In her post on startup launch marketing, she put forth this great sketch that really puts the product release process in perspective: In particular, this perspective on the launch marketing […]

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How to Finish Your Launch Plan in an Hour

June 23, 2011

Tweet If you have a new product or website to launch, then the first thing you need is a “launch plan”. But how can you create a launch plan if: 1. You don’t have the time to allocate to launch planning 2. You don’t have a lot of launch experience 3. You lack certain skills […]

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3 WordPress Security Steps to Block Would-Be WordPress Hackers

June 7, 2011

Tweet WordPress has become extremely popular, not only as a blogging platform, but also as an inexpensive, high-performance website platform with built-in CMS. But in the wake of so many sites using WordPress, as usual, these sites become natural targets for hackers, spammers and other evildoers… If you’re using WordPress, you should consider the following […]

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3 Pillars of Online Sales Success

June 1, 2011

Tweet Making sales is what makes a business a business – without sales, there is no business, no matter whether you’re doing business offline, online or both. Yet getting our “sales machine” working, so that it’s hitting on all cylinders and producing enough sales to reach profitability can be quite challenging, especially when you’re introducing […]

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Introduction to Internet Marketing Forensics

May 2, 2011

Tweet I’ve been having some interesting conversations lately about what I have termed “Internet Marketing Forensics” (IMF).  Perhaps my definition of IMF was a bit too narrow originally, as it focuses on doing the deep analysis that leads one to making superior conversion optimization decisions.  Nevertheless, I have found these forensics to be the “secret […]

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