by Rick Braddy

Welcome to the Product Launch and Business Growth Blog, a blog that helps companies improve their product launches and boost business growth.

My name is Rick Braddy and I’m a full-time marketer, consultant and software developer, making a living from this great online media world we live in today.

In 2008 I founded my new company Rick Braddy LLC (formerly ConXentric, Inc.) and joined forces with a 30-year marketing veteran, Jeff Sulma. Together we built the WinningWare.com site and a line of DIY product launch and online marketing solutions.  We’ve also been involved in a number of product launch and online marketing consulting projects, helping customers launch and grow their businesses. I also own an independent software technology consulting business, RickBraddy.com.

At one point, I realized that I had accumulated a lot of useful information and experience in both my professional career as a software executive, marketer and developer and as an online marketing entrepreneur. It was high time for me to share that information with others and make a selfless contribution to this world.

So I began blogging in 2008.  In 2009, I took my blogging up a notch and started publishing more often and (hopefully) better, more useful articles.   I hope you gain some value and helpful insights from the material that’s published here.

Product Launches

It’s said that to be successful at whatever you do, you must truly be passionate about it.  Well, for me that’s launching new products, companies and websites.  Why?  First, because it’s always a challenge.  I love a good challenge and launches are typically interesting and challenging – every one is different.  And launches usually involve working with something new and innovative – and that’s my cup of tea!

Moreover, I have a vision for the future of product launches for high-tech companies and small businesses.  The Web and social networks have brought us into a new era of opportunities and possibilities. The world of marketing is rapidly changing, as online media and social networking disrupts traditional broadcast media.  And anytime there’s widespread disruptive change taking place throughout a marketplace, there’s huge opportunities for those who tap into it.

Visit WinningWare.com

Be sure to visit WinningWare.com and check out the our products and solutions, along with more free tools available there.  You will find a number of affordable, do-it-yourself product launch and email marketing tools that will make you money – guaranteed.  And there’s some free tools there you will also find very helpful in your online business.

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Wishing You the Best

I hope you pick up some new ideas from this blog that serve as useful stepping stones and building blocks of success for you and your company.  Please feel free to post comments here as well and contact me if there’s anything I can do to be of service.

Carpe Diem!


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