Business Leverage: Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates

by Rick Braddy on October 30, 2010

in Online Marketing

In the recent survey we ran, we received a number of write-in comments.  One of the recurring areas in this, and prior, survey responses is that most of us small business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t getting nearly enough “leverage” in our businesses today…

What is meant by “business leverage”?

Jerry Myers knows a lot about business leverage, as shown in this great diagram from his blog, which I highly recommend:

As Jerry correctly points out on his blog, in business, gaining leverage is typically a matter of increased speed, reach and momentum.  And leverage is achieved by tapping into:

* OPM = Other People’s Money
* OPE  = Other People’s Energy
* OPI  = Other People’s Ideas
* OPT = Other People’s Time
* OPU = Other People’s Momentum
* OPR = Other People’s Relationships
* OPN = Other People’s Networks
* OPX = Other People’s Traffic

Obviously, the operative term here is “other people’s” – which is not under our direct control, but IS under theirs – if only they would cooperate with us and let us into their world…

So if leverage is so critical to business growth, how do we get it?
And why don’t we have more of it already?

Like most things, it’s a matter of where we invest OUR time, energy and money – as well as the systems, tools and processes we have in place and that we make a priority.  Most small businesses and online entrepreneurs spend the vast majority of our time on our own products, websites and in driving DIRECT profitable traffic to generate sales.

The difference between “proportional” results in business and exponential business growth is what we’ve been talking about – the number of business leverage points you employ.  One way to add this business leverage is through INDIRECT marketing and sales strategies; e.g., resellers, sales reps, affiliates, JV partners, ecosystem partners, franchising, licensing deals, etc.

In the online marketing and product launch areas, we can gain massive leverage from JV Partners and Affiliates. By “massive”, I mean orders of magnitude more sales with less effort – that’s massive leverage – tens to hundreds of times more sales with the same effort you put out to make fewer direct sales today.

How do you suppose companies like Citrix, Microsoft, Adobe, Google and every other big company makes billions of dollars in sales?  They have acquired and mastered MULTIPLE sources of business leverage over time.  They have thousands of resellers, VARS and partners and use “other people’s stuff” to generate massive business leverage.

It’s not a matter of magic, luck or being smarter – it comes from deliberately and systematically developing, nurturing and growing these points of leverage on a consistent basis – year in and year out.

We all know the words and concepts – “JV Partner” and “Affiliates”; however, most of us struggle to actually tap into these sources of business leverage that directly translate into wealth.  Why?

Because we are unable to find and forge the right relationships with these “other people”, and as a result we don’t get nearly enough ROI for our business investments… so why not?

The reality is, most of us don’t have the right systems, tools and skills in place today to attract, train, energize and motivate JV partners and affiliates – hence, we don’t have these “Other People” amplifying our business today.

I know this for sure, because I don’t have all of these things in place fully in our business today either… (something we’re underway to fix).

Guess what?  You’re not alone!  But we are going to solve this business leverage problem…

I have recognized that our business is suffering from a lack of engagement by most of the JV partners and affiliates we have “signed up”, too.  So I finally decided to take action and do something about it.  Fortunately, I have found the solution, which I’m now going to share with you…

So here’s what we’re going to do about it

I sought out a leading expert on Joint Ventures and Affiliate Marketing… and we are now engaging him to help us with these areas of our business and now I’m going to introduce him to you.

His name is Andy Hussong.  Here’s a bit of background on Andy:

“Andy worked behind the scenes with one of the most highly respected Internet marketing experts in the industry, John Reese, as his affiliate manager for over 5 years. During this time, Andy spent numerous years figuring out the best strategies for having a killer affiliate program, and in the process, developed a formula for not only attracting new affiliates and JV partners, but how to MOTIVATE them to take consistent action, as well.

Today, Andy is a coach, consultant, and trainer on how to apply these principles effectively, in order to create a dependable, consistent stream of sales from an army of motivated affiliates promoting your products, month after month. He’s also a devoted husband and father of 4 boys, a youth baseball coach, and die-hard Cubs fan.”

In case you don’t know who John Reese is, John is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur and leading online marketer, who taught many of today’s “gurus” how to become successful with their online businesses.  I can’t say enough good things about John Reese, as I have probably learned more about what works in online marketing from John than everyone else combined over the years.

John Reese was the first Internet marketer to have a million dollar day – to sell more than $1 million of information products over the Internet in less than 24 hours during a product launch – and Andy is an “insider” who knows a lot about how those kind of results are achieved…

And Andy has agreed to an interview, where he will provide us his direct insights and perspective

Per your recent guidance from the survey, you told me you wanted me to do a better job for you by interviewing more experts in various disciplines… so here we go…and believe me when I say, we are all in for a real treat!  I spoke with Andy at length yesterday about the interview for an hour, and I am truly excited about what we’re going to learn.

Here’s your opportunity to get YOUR questions on JV Partnering and Affiliate Management answered!

So, now I need your help and input again.  If you have specific questions, issues or sticking points on attracting and motivating JV partners and affiliates to gain the leverage you need in your business, please post them as Comments here on this blog entry, and I will do my best to have Andy address them for us in the upcoming call, which will take place the second week of November.

Please post your questions, issues and sticking point comments for Andy now
(just Leave a Comment below)

Here’s a link to the interview

Thank you.

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Register now to receive this step-by-step guide containing strategies and best practices to create buzz and drive sales using the power of the Web and social networking.

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