New Product Launch Process

Product Launch Process

This new product introduction methodology is geared around enabling you to achieve your stated goals and objectives.

Please refer to the following diagram throughout this discussion.

Flow Diagram

As shown in the flow diagram above, launches are organized into three distinct stages:

  * Pre-Launch Stage - the weeks and months leading up to the Grand Opening event

  * Launch Stage - the main launch event and Grand Opening

  * Post-Launch Stage - the weeks and months after the launch event

The Pre-Launch Stage creates early awareness and begins to build a pre-launch list of early adopter community members around your product offering, site and business. This early adopter community is key to ensuring everything is truly ready to take to market.

This early adopter community is leveraged to validate your your product's readiness for market. It's important to do this before the main launch phase. This is a great way to test marketing messaging. You can also uncover major questions and objections that need to be addressed in marketing and selling processes.

During the pre-launch, it is important to educate the market about what is coming. Also, it is time to build a "launch list". This list is a subset of the main lists, containing just those prospects who have opted in and expressed some level of interest.

This process starts the word of mouth and buzz that begins to spread ahead of the grand opening. This creates a "backdrop" for your launch. This is extremely important, because the anticipation prepares people for what's coming next.

The Launch Stage creates early momentum around the product, site and business. This is a great time to make special offers and bonuses available that create scarcity around early purchase decisions. It is also very important to drive social proof to increase mainstream adoption using blogs, videos, interview and other techniques.

The Post-Launch Stage continues driving early demand, showing actual proof of real world results with interviews, success stories, testimonials and 3rd-party reviews. During this early demand phase, sales are ramping up sharply. Adding multiple sources of business leverage (e.g., affiliates, partners, resellers, etc.) fuels sales growth even more.

A key part of the process, "Launch Sequences" are a combination of email, blogging and video communications. This is all choreographed to take place at the proper times during each stage of the process.

Launch sequences educate prospects and build anticipation of general availability. These "seeds" of interest grow into real demand throughout the pre-launch process. The net result - initial sales momentum when the doors open and everything finally becomes available.

Properly orchestrated new product introduction sequences develop an early adopter community. This community has an above average awareness and engagement level, leading to increased sales and early adoption.

Also important to note is an alternative to a calendar based launch event; so-called “mini-launches” are advisable when it is not possible to coordinate multiple launch partners’ schedules around a specific launch date or when targeting specific market segments.

Individualized launch sequences, tailored for a specific launch partner/affiliate, can be a very effective method for rolling out your product to specific target audiences and market segments. The same launch sequence principles apply; tailor them to fit into an individualized promotional campaign to suit the launch partners’ schedule and circumstances.

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